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First Aid Badge

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Ideas for First Aid Badge

Requirements for earning badge:

1) Learn how and when to call 911

  • Have a police officer talk to you about how to call 911
  • Role play how and when to call 911

2) Medical emergency helpers

  • Have a medical person talk to you
  • Talk to a firefighter or police officer

3) Make a first aid kit

4) Learn how to treat minor injuries

5) Learn about outdoor injuries

  • Take a hike and learn about outdoor dangers such as bug bites, ticks, poison ivy, and sunburn
  • Talk to someone who is an experience hiker about how to stay safe in nature



Type/Time Description Need Badge/Step

At home

  • Help your Girl Scout by letting her practice her first aid skills with you.
  • Create an emergency plan of action for your family at home.
  • Help your Girl Scout create a 911 call sheet with the facts she learned.
  • Fill out the Emergency Who's Who Sheet 

Emergency Who's Who.pdf

First Aid


Snack Discussion

While enjoying snack, you can have the girls play a storytelling game with a first aid theme, using what they have learned. Start off the story by saying, “One day I was taking a walk outside when…” then instruct the girls to continue the story, one girl after another.

Example: “One day I was taking a walk outside when…(next person) I decided I wanted to go camping…(next person) as I was went to get my backpack…(next person) I fell and scraped my knee…(next person) it hurt really bad so I…”

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys


First Aid


Act out emergency situations and what you would do:

You were walking home from school and were locked out of the house.

You are home alone after-school and some older kids begin to throw sticks and rocks at the house.

Your sister fell when running on the sidewalk, her leg is bent and it really hurts. There is no adult at home.

The only adult at home has fallen down the stairs and can’t get to the phone.

From: Girl Scouts USA


First Aid 1

Game (10 min)

 “911, What is Your Emergency?”

1. Ask the girls if they know what 911 means and its purpose.

2. Talk with the girls about the role of 911, how 911 can help and what they should do when calling 911.

Girls should know the following information to provide 911, as well as try to stay as calm as possible

throughout the call:


Phone number

What happened

What’s wrong

Where they are

How many people are hurt

What is already being done

3. After reviewing the general 911 information, instruct the girls to role-play calls to 911 with one another.

Have one girl pretend to be the 911 dispatcher and the other girl pretend to be the caller and then switch.

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys

Toy phone

Other props

First Aid 1

Game (15 min)

911 Quiz Game

1. Have the girls stand in a group in the middle of the room. Identify one end of the room as “Call 911” and the other end of the room as “Do Not Call 911”.

2. Instruct the girls that you will be giving them an emergency situation and they need to determine when they should or should not call 911. After hearing the situation, they must go to the side of the room they believe is the correct answer.

Examples when you should call 911:

o Someone becomes suddenly dangerously ill

o Someone crashes a car in front of you

o You notice smoke in your home or that of a neighbor

o You hear gunshots

o You see a violent physical fight

Examples when you should not call 911:

o You notice graffiti on your home or in your neighborhood

o You have a question about the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning but don’t suspect it in your home

o You or a family member has a minor illness

o Your bike is missing when you come home

o Your pet is missing

o You think a neighbor’s animal may be neglected

3. After each situation and girls determine their answers, ask the girls why they chose or did not choose to call 911 then reveal the correct answer. You can also ask the girls whom they should call if the

situation should go to a different authority and is not a call for 911.

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys


First Aid 1

Craft (10 min)

Make a first aid kit

Brownie: First Aid Badge Step 3 - make a first aid kit

Have the girls put:

3 bandaids

A gauze pad

Some Q-tips

in a paper bag and decorate it with some stickers

Notes  Since we did this as stations, I told the girls that they could only use a certain number of stickers per bag, so that I would have enough for the second round.

paper bags




gauze pads



First Aid 3


First Aid Relay

Play a band-aid relay game. Have girls divide up into tw o lines. Each girl is given a band-aid. The girl at the front of the line takes about10 large steps forward and turns around to face the others in the line, she is the starter. The leader (or extra girl) can be the caller. She says Go, Arm or Leg or Elbow …. When “GO, arm!” is said, the first girl in line runs up to the starter, hold out her arm and gets a band-aid stuck on it. She then becomes the starter, and the first starter goes to the end of the line. Relay continues until all girls have a band-aid

stuck on them. After game, have them get the person w ho put the bandaid on them to sign the bandaid.

Brownie Meeting Ideas from Troop 2366 (SRE)


First Aid 4

Game (25 min)

First Aid Friends

Brownie: First Aid Badge Step 4 - Learn how to treat minor injuries

1. Using the basic first aid remedy instruction sheets, show the girls how to give care for basic injuries.

2. Have the girls practice giving simple injury care on the their partner

  • What to do with a burn

  • What to do with an injured finger

  • What to do with an insect bite

  • What to do with a cut

  • What to do for an animal bite

  • What to do with a twisted ankle

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys

Notes:  Girls had a blast with this one.  They loved wrapping ankles with a bandage the best.  They really got into it.  


From: Girl Scouts River Valleys

First Aid Printout

Masking tape

Popsicle sticks

masking tape (used this in place of first aid tape, so the it was easier to remove)



Gauze or similar absorbent material

ice packs


First Aid 4

Game (10 min)

Outdoor injuries

Brownie: First Aid Badge 5 - know how to prevent and treat outdoor injuries

Learn about poisin ivy, bug bites, blisters, heat stroke, frost bite, being safe with wild animals

Notes  Girls started tucking in their socks and doing the stuff I talked about, so next time I might try having them act out the stuff that I am taking about as I am telling them to get them more active and engaged.

Outdoor injuries props and handouts

Word search


Outdoor injuries.pdf




Outings and Visitors


Field Trip Ideas:

  • Hike in natural area
  • Visit Police or Fire Station

Speaker Ideas:

  • Doctor or nurse
  • Experienced hiker

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys 


Sample Meeting 1


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