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Girl Scout Way Badge

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Ideas for Girl Scout Way Badge

Requirements for earning badge:


  • Learn 3 new songs or make up a song from natural sounds

2) Celebrate Juliette Low's birthday

3) Share sisterhood

  • Make up a game about a line of the Girl Scout Law
  • Make a puppet show about the Girl Scout Law
  • Make a troop artwork

4) Leave a place better than you found it

  • Clean up your meeting place
  • Choose a room in your house and keep it clean for a week (family can help)

5) GS traditions

  • Have an older Girl Scout talk about her Girl Scout memories and how Girl Scouts was different when she was young
  • Read the Brownie story
  • Make up a story about 3 Girl Scouts
  • Make a sit upon




Activity Descriptions



At home

  • Sing the song we learned and make up new ones
  • Find a book at the library about Juliette Gordon Low
  • Tell a new friend about Girl Scout sisterhood and why Girl Scouting is fun
  • Ask your GS to sing some of the songs we learned. 


GS Way


Snack Discussion

While enjoying snack, here are some things for girls to talk about.

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

What do you like about Juliette Gordon Low?

What is your favorite song?

How can we leave this meeting place looking better than when we arrived?

When is a time you left a place better than you found?

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys


GS Way

Song (15 min)

Sing a Song

1. Ask the girls what their favorite songs are-both Girl Scout songs and non-Girl Scout songs.

2. Tell girls they will learn a new song about Juliette Low and Girl Scouts today. Have the group sing the song until they are familiar with it.

Juliette Gordon Low

(Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

From Savannah Mrs. Low did roam

But she always called it home

Juliette, Juliette Gordon Low

Founded the Girl Scouts long ago

She met a man named Baden-Powell

Starting the Boy Scouts was his goal

When some girls came to be a Scout

Juliette decided to help them out

When she came back to the USA

She started the Girl Scouts right away

Juliette, Juliette Gordon Low

Founded the Girl Scouts long ago

In 1912, some girls-they met,

And had tea with Juliette

Juliette, Juliette Gordon Low

Founded the Girl Scouts long ago

Girl Scouts she came here to start

And I thank her from my heart.

3. If girls know other Girl Scout songs, sing some of them as well.

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys

Practice the song on your own so you are comfortable teaching it.

Write the words of the song in a whiteboard or large piece of paper or make copies of the words of the

song to pass out.


GS Way 1

Game (10 min)

Who is Juliette Gordon Low?

Divide the girls into eight groups. Each group will represent one of the people, places or groups listed below. When they hear the name of their assigned person, place or group, they should stand up and make their sound and action.

Little girls        Giggle with hand over mouth

Juliette Low     Curtsy and say, “Be my friend.”

Georgia            Wave and say, “Hi, y’all!”

Horses Stamp feet and say, “Neighhhhhh!”

Lord Baden-Powell        Bow formally and say, “How d’ya do?”

London             Sing “London Bridge is Falling Down.”

Boy Scouts       Make Boy Scout sign (same as the Girl Scout sign) and say “Be Prepared.”

Girl Scouts       Make the Girl Scout sign and say, “On My Honor.”

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Juliette Low who lived in Georgia and loved to ride horses. After she grew up she went to London where she met Lord Baden-Powell, who founded the Boy Scouts. She was fascinated by the work he was doing. She studied with him awhile, and decided to start a troop of Girl Scouts for little girls in Georgia who also liked to ride horses. So, Juliette Low said good-bye to the Boy Scouts in London, and came home to Georgia with the idea that Lord Baden-Powell gave her. She formed a group of little girls, who liked to ride horses and do other interesting things, into a troop of Girl Scouts. They all loved it so much that the idea spread and now there are Girl Scouts all over the United States.

(Speed up here)

Aren't we glad that a little girl named Juliette Low from Georgia, who liked to ride horses and do other interesting things, went to London and met Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, and came home to start the wonderful world of Girl Scouts!

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys


GS Way 2

Game (20 min)

Juliette Gordon Low Candle Ceremony

Assign two adults to read the narrator and Juliette Low parts of the ceremony.

1. Have girls stand in a circle and give each girl one unlit candle. Explain you are doing a special Girl Scout

ceremony. Ask girls to be respectful and quiet.

2. Have the narrator read the introduction below.

Long ago a special ceremony was formed. Juliette Low wanted the girls of her original troop to carry a special spark with them as their Girl Scout group broke up. Some from the girls were

moving away, some working to help their families and some wanted to help a group of girls a little younger than themselves. Whatever their reasons, Juliette knew no other group would ever quite be the same. As the girls stood in a circle holding candles they had made, Juliette

knew what spark it was that she wanted to pass on. She lit her candle and spoke.

3. Have the adult reading Juliette Low’s part read the passage below.

With this candle I, Juliette Low, give you each something very special to pass on. As I light the candle on my right I ask each of you to light the candle to your right and pass it on. I want you to carry this thought with you wherever you go. This is the ETERNAL FLAME of Girl Scouts.

4. Light the candles, starting with the adult reading the Juliette Low part and going around the circle to the right.

5. Have the adult reading Juliette Low’s part read the passage below.

Now that we all have the ETERNAL FLAME, let’s say the Girl Scout Promise. Then we will think about and share our favorite memories from our time together as a troop.

6. Recite the Girl Scout Promise and give girls time to share their favorite memories.

7. Have the adult reading Juliette Low’s part read the passage below.

I will hold my candle up and as I do, you will all raise yours and we will blow them out together.  Before we separate from our circle, I want to ask you to keep this candle as a very special candle. It is not to be used for any purpose but passing on the ETERNAL FLAME. You may use

it in other Girl Scout ceremonies such as camps, campfires, bridging or court of awards ceremonies. I'm glad we were able to start a special tradition based on our ETERNAL FLAME.

8. Remind girls to keep their candle for any future Girl Scout ceremonies

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys

Candle (1 per girl)


Bucket with water in it


GS Way 3


Sit Upon

Instructions: (Option 1)

Any heavy-duty fabric can be used for this project, but the best fabric to use for this item is an old tablecloth - the kind that has plastic on one side and material on the other.

Cut 2 squares out of your fabric. They should be the same size and approximately 2 feet X 2 feet wide.

Cut a piece of yarn or string about 3 feet long and thread it onto the needle. Pull the yarn or string through the needle eye and then tie the ends together.

With the wrong side of the fabric together, start at any of the 4 corners and sew the edges together using a simple running stitch (see picture below). Leave about an inch around the edge of your material. Sew 3 of the 4 sides together, threading more yarn or string onto your needle if necessary.

Once you have 3 sides sewn, stuff your sit-upon full of plastic bags so it looks like a pillow. Sew the last side closed in the same manner you sewed the rest of your situpon.

Your sit-upon is now ready to use, and it is quite handy for finding a dry spot to sit outside on a damp day!

Instructions: (Option 2)

Any heavy-duty fabric can be used for this project, but the best fabric to use for this item is an old tablecloth - the kind that has plastic on one side and material on the other.

Cut the waterproof material into two large squares big enough for you to sit on.

Put newspapers or old rags between the two squares to form a cushion.

Sew the two squares together with yarn or string, using the yarnneedle.

Be sure to sew completely around the edges of the sit-upon.

Old plastic tablecloth

Large Needle

Yarn or String

Plastic Bags for stuffing

GS Way 5



Put a third of group in center of the circle. These are the jamaquack. They reach over and grab their ankles. They start in the center of the circle with their heads touching. On the count of three they close their eyes and start quacking and moving backwards toward the outer circle. The rest of the group has formed a “pen” by holding hands. When the quacking starts, one couple drops their hands to form a gateway for the jamaquack to get out of the pen. As the jamaquack move out toward the circle, the pen players can quietly bump them back into the pen by slightly bending their knees. Once a jamaquack finds its way out the gateway they can stand up, open their eyes and quack for the rest of the flock to follow.


GS Way 5



You need a paper bag for each group and a bag of peanuts* in shells. Scatter the peanuts through a large meadow or playing field. Divide the group into teams. Each group must represent a barnyard animal and must practice making the noise of that animal. Each team selects a captain to carry the team bag. Explain the boundaries of the search area. At a signal the teams rush to the area with the scattered peanuts. If a peanut is spotted, the team member must stand and make only the noise of the animal and point to the peanut. Only the captain can pick it up and put in the bag. Play until all the peanuts are picked up. Have each team count its peanuts to determine the winner.


GS Way 5


Old Girl Scout Activity

Consider completing an activity from an old handbook or badge book. Many are available online as free Google documents

From: Girl Scouts USA


GS Way 5


Blob Tag

As always, the game begins by identifying the player who is “it.” When that person tags another player, the two become “stuck” together. The resulting “Blob” runs around, tagging other players and adding them to their blob. Once the blob is made of four people, it splits into two separate blobs that begin chasing the others. The game continues until the last person is caught.

From: Girl Scouts USA


GS Way 5


Guess the Leader

Gather the girls together and ask one player to leave the room. The rest of the girls choose one player to be the leader. The leader performs actions and the rest of the girls follows. For instance, if she hops on one foot, so will the rest of the troop. When all of the girls are performing the action, bring the absent player back into the room. She observes the troop. The leader must change actions every few moments. It is up to the troop members to keep a close eye on the leader so they can also change actions as quickly as possible. After three or four actions, the player who is observing must guess which girl is the leader. If she guesses correctly, she chooses the next guesser and joins the troop. If she guesses incorrectly, she must leave the room again and come back to try and guess the new leader.



GS Way 5


Sheep and Hyena (Sudan)

See if you can keep the sheep away from the hungry hyena! Get a least ten (10) people to play.

Players join hands and form a tight circle.

The hyena stays outside the circle. The sheep stays inside the circle.

The players in the circle have to try to keep the hyena from breaking through the

circle to get to the sheep. The game ends when the hyena get the sheep or get too tired to go after the sheep anymore.

Two other people become the sheep and hyena.


GS Way 5


Brownies and Fairies

You have two equal teams, Brownies and Fairies.

The two teams line up and face each other. Behind each team, about 20 feet away, is its Safe Place.

Suddenly, the leader may call, "Brownies are coming."

Fairies run to their Safe Place with Brownies chasing them.

 A Fairy caught joins the Brownies.

Next time, the leader may call,"Fairies are coming." Or she may say again,"Brownies are coming." You never know.

The team that ends with the most players wins.


GS Way 5


Outings and Visitors

Field Trip Ideas:

  • clean up around the school

Speaker Ideas:

  • an older Girl Scout


Sample Meeting 1



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