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General Information

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General Information 

The Brownie Story (with actions)

Have the girls do motions for the cue words.

Word Sound/Motion

Girl(s) Giggle with hands in front of mouth

Granny Says “Oh, my!” both hands on cheeks

Brownies Stand, make Girl Scout Sign, and say “Be Prepared!”

House Stand with arms over head, say “Come in!”

Owl Bend arms and flap hands, saw “Whoo-Whoo!”

Forest Stand and sway with arms up and fingers moving, softly moaning


Once upon a time, there were two little girls who lived in England with their Granny and their father.

The girls played all day while the Granny and Father had to work very hard. One day, Granny told the girls about the Brownies, who used to do things to help around the house. They are gone now, she said, but we were always so much happier when they helped. The girls wanted to know where the Brownies had gone and how to get them to come back. Granny said, “Only the wise old owl knows!”

That night, when everyone else was asleep, one of the girls ran out of the house into the magic forest. There she found the wise old owl. “Please,” said the girl, where can I find the Brownies to come and live with us?” The owl said, “I know where two live—right in your house!” The little girl was very surprised! “Tell me how to find them!” she begged. He told her to go to the pond in the magic forest, turn around three times and say, “Twist me and turn me and show me the elf…I looked in the water and saw …!” The wise old owl said, “When you finish the rhyme, you will see the Brownie in the magic pond.”

The girl went to the pond in the magic forest and did as she had been told. She went back to the forest and found the wise old owl and said, “Something must be wrong! I did all you told me to do and I only saw myself! And I am not a Brownie!” “Are you sure?” asked the owl. “To be a Brownie, you must be ready to help those around you, make friends wherever you can, and every day try to discover something new.” “I’d like to be a Brownie,” said the girl. Then go home and try, the wise old owl said kindly. He touched her hand with his feathers, and suddenly she was back in her house, in her own bed.

Quietly, she work up her sister, told her all that had happened. Together the girls tiptoed into the kitchen and began to clean the house. In the morning, when Granny and Father saw the house, they wanted to know what had happened. “Who did this?” asked Granny and Father. The girls danced around and shouted, “It’s the Brownies!” And from that day on, theirs was a very happy house near the forest, all because of the Brownies!


Summaries of Badge Requirements

Legacy Badges summary.odt

Legacy Badges summary.pdf

List of all badge requirements in pdf form brownie-badge-requirements.pdf

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