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Give Back Badge

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Ideas for Give Back Badge

Requirements for earning badge:

Purpose: When I've earned this badge, I'll know how businesses helps others and how I can do the same thing.


1. Find out about businesses that give back.

2. Set a giving goal.

3. Involve your customers.

4. Practice giving back.

5. Tell your cookie customers how they helped.




Activity Descriptions



At Home

  • Discuss how you can help others together and how your Girl Scout can help out at home.
  • Encourage your Girl Scout to share her cookie goal with you and tell you what her cookie money can do for herself and others.

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys 


Give Back

Discussion (10 min)

Community Give Back

1. Discuss with girls large companies that give back to the community, e.g. Target, who gives large sums of money to education.

2. Ask girls if they know of any local businesses that give back to the community. Share with the girls your findings about businesses that give back and what they do for the community.

3. Discuss what other things companies might give or do to help others. For example, the United Way has many volunteers within the community. Other companies may donate items such as food or

school supplies to people in need.

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys


Give Back 1

Craft Sale Goal Door Hanger print out of Sales Goal Door HangerSales Goal Door Hanger.pdf  Give Back 2

Discussion (20 min)

Cookies Can!

1. Share with girls how the money from cookie sales is used and explain how much the troop will earn for each box of cookies sold.

2. Have girls brainstorm ways they can help others with their troop cookie money.

3. Have girls select one way they would like to help others by using some of their cookie money. Have girls work as a team to design and color a poster related to their selection to display at a cookie booth

and/or use the poster to let their cookie customers know about how they help the community.

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys


Poster board

Information about cookie proceeds


Give Back 2 and 5

Game and discussion (25 min)

Johnny Appleseed

1. Ask girls if they notice that the space is messy and inquire what might be done about it. Have girls collect the papers and return to one spot.

2. Thank the girls for their help in cleaning the space and have them gather in a circle for story time.

3. Read the story aloud and discuss how Johnny Appleseed (or the other characters) helped others using the questions below or others, based on the story you use.

How did Johnny Appleseed give back and help others?

What did you learn from the story?

4. Ask the girls

Have you helped others?

Have others helped you?

How can you help others?

From: Girl Scouts River Valleys

Crumpled pieces of paper

Book about Johnny Appleseed or another story about helping others

o Johnny Appleseed by Reeve Lindbergh

o The Story of Johnny Appleseed by Aliki

o The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein

o The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Give Back 4



Outings and Visitors


Sample Meeting 1




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